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Walk the city

Family-friendly tours is a non-profit civil partnership guiding tour company specialized in family-friendly tours.

Born as an idea in 2015 and created by parents with years of experience as teachers, archaeologists and educators for preschool and school children, with the goal to answer the eternal big question: "Mom, dad what's this?"!

Our motto is: #LearnLoveLiveHistory and discover the past and present of Athens through unique, relaxed, kids oriented city walks to world-reknowned archaeological sites and museums.


A 4 hrs family-friendly tour

Walk in the steps of Socrates! See where Democracy and Philosophy were born. Meet the heart of Ancient Athens, the Agora! The most renowned trade centre of the ancient world!

Visit Ancient Athens’ trade center – the heart of the city – the Agora and stroll around Kerameikos, the largest deme of ancient Athens, where the famous Attic Vases were produced and also the most important burial ground of the city.
The Agora was the heart of ancient Athens, it comprised the political, commercial, administrative and social center of the city.
With our imagination we will take walk on the Panathenaic road leading to the sacred rock of the Acropolis and will have the chance to see how and where the ancient Greeks were having their daily trading.
Following that, we will continue to the archaeological site of Kerameikos which was so much more than just the sacred burial ground of Ancient Athens. We will get to know better the history of one of the most vastly populated areas of the city which was also the settlement and main production center of the famous Attic vases.



A 3hrs family-friendly tour at the most significant collections of the Archaeological Museum of Athens

The Greek mythology, rich in characters, plot and emotion, resembles a film script where gods, heroes, mythical monsters, creatures of fantasy and passionate people are the protagonists. The Collection of Sculptures of the National Archaeological Museum is the best starting point for children to understand how the myths connect with history and art.

The Collections of the National Archaeological Museum offer the visitor a Panorama of the Ancient Greek Civilization from Prehistory to Late Antiquity. Gods, mortals and heroes help children and adults to understand the evolution of ancient Greek sculpture from the 7th century. B.C. until the 5th century AD. The Prehistoric Collection is unveiled upon us through its most significant exhibits from mainland Greece, the Aegean islands and Troy. Artifacts like the Cycladic marble figurines, the golden treasures of the royal tombs and the excellently preserved wall paintings of Thera guide us through the life in Prehistoric Helladic region and the story of Agamemnon and Helen. The Vase Collection will present to us the uninterrupted evolution of the Greek pottery and painting from the 11th to the 4th century BC.



A 2 hrs family-friendly walking tour

Discover a different side of Athens. Visit the remaining ruins of the Byzantine Empire and learn how all eras and religions coexist in the city by taking an amazing kids-friendly walk.

A family friendly tour of the glorious history of the Byzantine Empire through distinct monuments of Byzantine Athens.
1st stop: We will begin our visit from the church of Panaghia Kapnikarea. It is estimated that the church was built sometime in the 11th century, perhaps around 1050. As it was common with the early Christian churches, this was built over an ancient Greek pagan temple dedicated to the worship of a goddess, possibly Athena or Demeter.
2nd stop: Visit of the small church of Panaghia Gorgoepikoos which is built over an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Eileithyia and situated next to the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens.
3rd stop: The Roman Agora where we will visit the Horologion of Andronikos Kyrristos – the Tower of the Winds the first Meteorological station of the ancient world. We will talk about the topography of the city during the Byzantine era and visit the Fetiye Mosque.
4th stop: The Library of Hadrian, a living monument of the coexistence of all religions!
5th and final stop -: Monastiraki square. Past, present, future!



A 3 hrs family-friendly tour

Everyday objects with sophisticated decoration, precious jewelry of high aesthetics and craftsmanship, gold coins symbols of the Byzantine Emperors, rare manuscripts and icons of vast artistic value compose a puzzle of a 1000 years of history of the Byzantine Empire.

The spacious halls of the Byzantine museum will guide our visit through the glorious history of the Byzantine Empire. The children will learn to recognize the boundaries of the empire, its radiance and significance until today and have a taste of the everyday life of the people that lived in it. Emperors and peasants, saints and common people will tell us their story through the various exhibits and will be the guides to our journey. On the Benaki Museum we will leave the artifacts of the Neoclassic Art Collection to take us on a journey from Crete to Macedonia and from Zakynthos to Kappadokia, reviving the everyday life of Hellenism during the 18th and 19th century. Goldwork outfits, embroideries full of imagination, colorful ceramics that point the high standards of our popular culture.