Walk the city of Athens with our local tour guides specialized in family & kids-friendly tours!

Back in 2015, during a family dinner, we came up with the idea to create a series of walking tours especially designed for families with kids in the city of Athens.

Our life-long experience as teachers, archaeologists and preschool educators along with the realisation that there were no special programms for youngsters and families, made us gather up all our expertice and create a team named "voltes stin poli" which in greek means "city walks".
Our goal is to give an answer to kids eternal big question! "Mom, dad what's this?"

Athens is a city that is among the oldest in Europe, which has been continuously inhabited for almost 6.000 years! In every corner there are monuments that bear witness to this rich and historic past.But can you really spot them among the contemporary city web?

Oh yes, we can!

Come along with us to an exciting walk in Athens, to reknowned archaeological sites and museums but also to less know neighbourhoods and city spots and live like a true explorer!

Trust us! We live here. We know!